Caviar of the best quality from your specialist in Zoetermeer

When it comes to the best caviar, Caviar Exclusives is your partner of choice.

Caviar is the ' black gold' exclusive and one of the most luxurious delicacies in the world with a total taste explosion. 


In short, something you want to offer your guests or yourself. 

To guarantee the best caviar, we offer you, among others, Beluga caviar, Oscietre and Baeri caviar. All of these varieties are high-flyers when it comes to caviar. 

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Caviar-from wild to farmed

Since 2010, the capture of wild sturgeons and the trading or possession of wild caviar is prohibited. Trading and/or possessing wild caviar is punishable by law. All caviar is therefore farmed and we no longer need to distinguish between wild and farmed versions. Caviar consists of the unfertilized eggs of the sturgeon. The sturgeon is a fish protected by CITES.

Breeding Sturgeon


It is for this reason that in the middle of the 20th century the first tests of controlled farming were realized.  Farmed caviar has been placed on the market for the last twenty years with increasing success. Since 1 April 1998, the CITES convention has limited the fishing of endangered species. The main exporting country of caviar is China . 

It is now the Chinese who provide exceptional caviar, which is highly sought after by connoisseurs and gourmets.

This Chinese caviar comes from semi-farmed sturgeons, which are bred in the fresh water of the Armoer River. 


The traditional way to savor caviar is from the back of your hand, between your thumb and index finger. Now slowly taste it, that is to say, slowly rub the caviar between tongue and palate. There is a delicious explosion of flavor in the mouth which is perfectly followed by a sip of champagne. Afterwards, you may not smell any scent of the caviar whatsover on your hand. If you are able to smell any scent, then something is wrong with the caviar. An enjoyable moment!

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