The best quality caviar and delicacies


At Caviar Exclusives you will find the finest quality caviar and delicacies. 

Get to know these exclusive products & be surprised by the special flavors!


For the most wonderful moments

Caviar is one of the most exclusive and delicious products in the world. It is not called ''black gold'' for nothing. Caviar is not something you enjoy every day, but you save it for the most beautiful moments. 


To create these beautiful moments, you only want the most tasteful and honest products. That is why you will find only the best caviar with us, such as Beluga, Oscietre and Baeri. 

Discover our delicacies

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Why you should choose Caviar Exclusives

Exclusive products

With us you will find only the most exclusive products. Fine products to enjoy that cannot be found everywhere.

The finest quality 

When it comes to fine delicacies, only the best quality is good enough. That's why our products are chosen with the greatest of care. This way you can be sure of making the best choice!

The right advice

Through many years of experience we can provide you with the perfect advice. We know which caviar and delicacies will best suit your needs.

A passion for caviar

Caviar Exclusives was founded based on our passion for beautiful products with a story. By now we have over 40 years of experience in the caviar business and are daily engaged in finding and offering the finest caviar and delicacies in the world. 

Because of our passion for caviar and delicacies we are ready to provide you every day with the finest quality  products for  the most beautiful moments. 


Heart for the hospitality industry 

Because of our passion for beautiful products, we have a lot in common with the hospitality industry and wholesalers where delicacies are used daily to surprise and delight guests. Therefore, we supply all wholesalers and the top segment of the hospitality industry. Curious what we can do for your restaurant, hotel or wholesale business?


Caviar and more 

In addition to offering caviar of exclusive quality, we are also your partner in supplying other delicacies. Think for instance about  various roe types, such as salmon roe or trout roe, tobikos, king crab, vegan pearls and Balik salmon, among others.

Feel free to contact us and together we will discuss the possibilities. 
Caviar of the highest quality


At Caviar Exclusives we sell only the very best and most exclusive varieties of caviar. 

Caviar roe varieties

Roe varieties

See what other types of roes we offer at Caviar Exclusives. Have a look and discover

Various delicatessen products


In addition to caviar and roe, you can also find a range of other delicacies at Caviar Exclusives.

Promotional caviar gifts


Caviar Exclusives also offers a delicious range of vegan pearls for vegan lovers.